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Pool bulb

Vivipool is dedicated to pioneering innovative pool lighting solutions, offering users a lighting experience that revolutionizes the traditional pool lighting.

The initial generation of pool lights simply illuminated the pool, primarily serving as a nighttime lighting solution to enable swimming. Typically, they employed halogen bulbs known for their short lifespan, high energy consumption, and a limited color palette. The second generation of pool lights integrated LED technology, addressing the issues of short lifespan, high energy consumption, and a single color. Users could select from various colors and scene modes; however, there was room for improved control reliability. Wireless remote controls frequently proved inadequate for managing the underwater lights, rendering control a challenging issue for users. To address this issue, vivipool introduced the third-generation product SignalPro.2™, which effectively resolved the control issues through carrier control technology. Users can now remotely control the color and scene of the lights as they wish. During this process, smart technology emerged, and we were fortunate to incorporate it into our pool lights, resulting in our fourth-generation product, PoolSmart™. The introduction of PoolSmart™ completely revolutionized users' perception of pool lights. You might not have imagined that you could actually converse with your pool lights via Alexa, for instance, "Alexa, set the pool lights to blue." You can remotely control your pool in California through the Internet from as far away as Africa. Subsequently, we launched PoolSmart™ Plus and PoolSmart™ Pro, enhancing our PoolSmart™ family to more perfectly align with user needs. If you're interested in learning more about Vivipool's story with pool lights, please contact us promptly.


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